A Minicomic Composed of Collage

In the world of comic book illustration the term "scrap" often refers to images from other published sources that are collected and used as models or reference for creating new drawings. Artists often use scrap to help them vizualize or 'see' what it is they are trying to draw.

Essentially, it was this idea that inspired the project that you now see before you. To compile 'scrap' in order to help draw an original comic book. However, beyond simply providing a scafolding for drawing this exercise will undoubtedly help with writing and story development as well.

To be clear, this isn't a traditional comic book. It is the illustration, laid bare, of one part of a process that is being used to create a comic book. That being said, given that collage is a well recognized form of art many people may end up reading and enjoying this stage of the process just as they would an 'actual' comic book.

Pictured above are the back and front covers of issue #1.